The Thwarted British Terror Plot


"Mass murder on an unimaginable scale," says London's deputy police commissioner today. Thwarted with twenty-one arrests in London and Birmingham. The alleged intended targets: as many as ten passenger airline flights from London to Washington, New York and California.

"A wave of attacks," said the British Home Secretary, that would have caused civilian deaths on "an unprecedented scale." The alleged plot: liquid explosives smuggled aboard in hand baggage. Timers and detonators assembled in flight.

Now banned from on the plane carry-ons: toothpaste, shampoo, hair gel. The US threat level: red alert.

Hear the latest on the thwarted British terror plot, and what's known now.


Steve McGrath, Transportation Editor, Dow Jones.

Josh Meyer, Terorrism correspondent for the Los Angeles Times.;
Andrew Bacevich, Professor of International Relations, Boston University and author of "The New American Militarism: How Americans Are Seduced By War." He retired as a US Army colonel after 23 years of military service.;
Juliette Kayyem, Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and Former Member of the National Commission on Terrorism. She is co-editor of "First to Arrive: State and Local Response to Terrorism".

Imam Abdul Jalil Sajid, Chairman, Muslim Council for Religious and Racial Harmony in the United Kingdom;
Paul Wilkinson, Chairman, Center for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at the University of St. Andrews

Jonathan Wilson, Chair of the English Department, Tufts University and author of "A Palestine Affair." He was a passenger on a flight from London that was turned back earlier this week.

This program aired on August 10, 2006. The audio for this program is not available.


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