Mecca and Main Street

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A new step in language from President Bush yesterday, on the tarmac in Green Bay, Wisconsin, after news of the foiled terror plot in Britain: "This nation is at war with Islamic fascists," said the president. The idea is not new. But the stark language — not "Islamist" or "Al Qaeda" but "Islamic" — will have been hard for Muslim Americans.

Round-ups, surveillance, bloody war and Muslims dying in Iraq, mosques exploding, Lebanon in tatters, British Muslims turning to terror — many Muslim Americans, especially the young, are struggling with alienation in the country their parents adopted.

Hear a conversation with an Arab-American reporter who goes inside Muslim America, and finds hard news for the country.


Geneive Abdo, author of "Mecca and Main Street: Muslim Life in America after 9/11."

This program aired on August 11, 2006.


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