Lebanon's Future

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There is a dream version of Lebanon that once in fact existed: the thriving, diverse commercial center of the Middle East, a Mediterranean tapestry of faiths, with a good-times capitol in Beirut.

For the last year, the dream had even more luster, with the Cedar Revolution that pushed out Syria and held out the hope of new democracy. But now, after a month of war on Lebanese soil between Israel and Hezbollah, Lebanon is in ruins and the dream is somewhere, maybe, in the rubble.

Hezbollah looms large. Lebanon is digging out, and the phone lines, with luck, are clearing.

Hear a conversation with Lebanese citizens in Beirut about the war that's just ended and the future of their country.


Thanassis Cambanis, Middle East bureau chief for the Boston Globe

Sofia Sade, professor of modern Middle Eastern studies at Lebanese University

Lokman Slim, filmmaker and founder of Hayya Bina [hi-yah been-ah], a pro-democracy, independent organization campaigning for secular politics

Ibrahim Mousawi, director of foreign programming for Al-Manar Television

Wael Abou Faour, Druze MP in the Lebanese Government

Raghida Dergham, senior diplomatic correspondent for Al-Hayat.

This program aired on August 17, 2006.


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