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photoBy guest host John Hockenberry:

Do you open your pension junk mail — the yearly fliers that talk about how you are doing? There's a box for how much you've put in - generally a demoralizingly small number; a box for how much your pension will grow in 40 years - usually a large number; and then a box that predicts how much you will get each month if you make it to retirement age and keep contributing like you're doing - usually a reassuring number.

Well surprise — the do-nothing 109th Congress has passed a landmark pension reform bill. Does it make your pension more secure? Or should there be a new box warning: By the way you could end up with nothing.

Hear about the newest pension reform bill and pension anxiety.


Theodore Francis, staff writer for The Wall Street JournalTeresa Ghilarducci, national expert on private pensions, professor of economics and director of the Higgins Labor Research Center at The University of Notre Dame.;
Zvi Bode, professor of finance and economics at Boston University School of Management.Edward Ferrigno of the Profit Sharing 401K Council of America.

This program aired on August 21, 2006.


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