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For any opposition looking for a target, it's not hard to see the GOP these days as a big, fat softball ready to be hit out of the park: Bin Laden's uncaptured, the Iraq war's a mess, Afghanistan's backsliding, and Katrina incompetence still rankles, average American incomes are going nowhere, and the economy's housing life-raft is losing air.

So what do the Democrats have to say and to offer? Congressman Rahm Emanuel is the Democrats' point man for taking back the House. Bruce Reed is president of the Democratic Leadership Council. They know Democrats have swung and missed before. But they've got a plan.

With big elections coming, hear a conversation with Democrats as they step to the plate.

Quotes from the Show:

"People don't hire Democrats to whine about problems, people hire Democrats to solve problems." Rahm Emanuel

"Post Katrina, in the middle of Iraq, people sense that the notion of government is deteriorating." Rahm Emanuel

"We [Democrats] shouldn't let Bush win the debate on terror." Bruce Reed


John Zogby, President and CEO of Zogby International, a public opinion research and consulting company.Rahm Emanuel, Democratic Congressman from Illinois,
Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and co-author of "The Plan: Big Ideas for America."

Bruce Reed, President of the Democratic Leadership Council, political columnist for Slate, and co-author of "The Plan: Big Ideas for America."

This program aired on September 13, 2006.


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