The Spinach E.coli Scare24:42

This article is more than 14 years old.

It was right there in my fridge — Earthbound Farm's Natural Selection spinach — and now it's gone, like tons of spinach dumped by Americans across the country in the E. coli scare of the last week.

But a shelf full of questions remain about why a hundred-plus spinach-eaters in 21 states have been brought down by the outbreak, how and where the trouble started, why it's happened 20 times in the last decade, and about the benefits and risks of the industrial-scale agriculture behind America's food supply.

Hear about sizing up spinach, and a whole lot more of the food on the American table.

Quotes from the Show:

"We do not have farm food safety rules in this country." Marion Nestle

"I think the spotlight on industrial-scale agriculture is misplaced." Alexander Avery

"We need a food supply revolution." Joel Salatin


Stacy Finz, food Reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle.;
Marion Nestle, Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University and author of "Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health" and "What to Eat" (2006).;
Joel Salatin, a pioneer of modern eco-friendly farming, and author of "Holy Cows and Hog Heaven" and "Family Friendly Farming.";
Alexander Avery, Director of Research and Education at the Center for Global Food Issues at the Hudson Institute and author of "The Truth About Organic Foods."

This program aired on September 20, 2006.