The "Devil" Is in the UN

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It has been a tough week at the UN. The American President took the podium and did OK. The leaders of Iran and Venezuela took the podium and brought the house down.

Hugo Chavez may have been completely out of line when he called George Bush the devil incarnate — but nobody booed him, and the world's abuzz. Iran's nuclear-minded Mahmud Ahmadinejad kept the cameras squarely on himself and his message, with a skill that must have made Karl Rove squirm.

In an uncomfortable week, we've got a compromise with McCain on detainees, bloody numbers from Iraq, fruit unpicked, and immigration unsolved.

Hear about a steamy week in the news, and open season on the USA.


William McKenzie, Editorial Columnist for The Dallas Morning News and longtime observer of President George Bush.

Trudy Rubin, Foreign Affairs columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and author of "Willful Blindness: The Bush Administration and Iraq."

This program aired on September 22, 2006.


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