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Never a dull moment on the way to elections. Certainly not this week, with its hell's-a'poppin' bag of tricks for the GOP. Values voters had the spectacle of a Republican Congressman undressing kids on the web, and the House leadership in a circular firing squad.

The Dow Jones looks great — spectacular — and Walmart is looking to squeeze payrolls. The Amish mourned. American soldiers mourned a surge in casualties in Baghdad.

Home prices wobbled, again. Gas got cheaper. North Korea threatened to test nukes, and no one is sure the US has the spare capacity to stop it.

From Bob Woodward and Foley follies to Amish sorrow and the Dow on a tear, we size up this week in the news.


Julie Mason, White House correspondent for The Houston Chronicle

Kim Strassel, member of the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board

Jack Beatty, On Point News Analyst, senior editor at The Atlantic Monthly

This program aired on October 6, 2006.


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