US Senate Races

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For months, as Republicans have slid in the polls, Democrat hopes for taking back Congress have focused on the House, where first 15, then 20, and now maybe 35 Republican seats appear vulnerable.

But in recent weeks, even the GOP majority in the US Senate looks up for grabs. Six seats would move the Senate majority from the "R" to the "D" column.

Republicans are fighting hard, but a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll this week finds voter approval of Congress at an epic low 16 percent. That's a hard tide to fight.

We dive into the midterm battle for the US Senate with reports from Tennessee, Missouri, Montana and New Jersey — hot states in a neck-and-neck contest for the Senate.


Janet Hook, Political Correspondent for The Los Angeles Times

Chuck Todd, Editor of Hotline, a Washington DC political newsletter

Jo Mannies, Political Correspondent for the St. Louis Post Dispatch

Jacqueline Fellows, Reporter for NPR affiliate WPLN in Nashville, TN

Josh Gohlke, Political Reporter for The Bergen Record in Bergen, NJ

Sally Mauk, News Director for Montana Public Radio in Missoula, MT

This program aired on October 19, 2006.


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