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On the homestretch to midterm elections, the top US military spokesman in Iraq says the much-touted American-Iraqi security crackdown in the capitol has failed. Death tolls — Iraqi and American — are spiraling. A "jihadi Tet offensive," Tom Friedman calls it.

In North Asia, the noose on North Korea's nukes looks hard to tighten. In the political trenches, GOP conservatives are going at each other, with born-again Dick Armey calling Christian Right leaders bullies and thugs.

Hear a conversation with David Ignatius of the Washington Post, Anne Kornblut of the New York Times and Jack Beatty on a tough week in the news.


Anne Kornblut, Washington correspondent for The New York Times.

David Ignatius, columnist for The Washington Post.

Jack Beatty, On Point News Analyst.

This program aired on October 20, 2006.


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