The U.S. House Races

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Karl Rove says "no way." The GOP is hanging tough, and is going to hang on to Congress, says Rove. But almost everyone else, outside the media tent thrown up to beat the drum on the White House lawn yesterday, is talking about the "wave."

For fifty years, once or twice a decade, Americans have turned one party or the other out of Congress in droves. They did it when Vietnam became a quagmire. They did it after Watergate. They did it after Bill Clinton's rough start. Democrats hope, and increasingly believe, they're going to do it next week, especially in the House.

Ee go to key midterm battlegrounds for the House of Representatives - in Connecticut, Colorado, Indiana and Ohio - testing the waters, and the waves.


Walter Shapiro, who's been traveling across the country, covering key Congressional races as Washington Bureau Chief for the online magazine

Karen Crummy, political reporter, Denver Post

Mary Hartnett, news director, NPR member station WFYI

Bill Cohen, reporter, Ohio Public Radio and Public television State House New Bureau.;
Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst.

This program aired on October 25, 2006.


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