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Call it a "thumpin." President Bush does. It's official. Both houses have gone to the Democrats.

After weeks of wonder and worry — even among conservatives — about whether voters would step up and call the GOP to account for scandal and botched war and executive over-reach, this week American voters did just that.

Conservative George Will says Republicans' punishment was "not excessive," given the disaster in Iraq. Liberal Paul Krugman hails voters' "great revulsion" as democracy redeemed.

And you thought your vote didn't matter? But now what?

Our weekly news roundtable takes on the towering news of the week — the national thumpin' of the GOP, and where the country goes now.


Ana Marie Cox, Washington editor, creater of The Wonkette

Tom Bevan, founder and editor of Real Clear Politics

Jack Beatty, On Point News Analyst, senior editor at The Atlantic Monthly

This program aired on November 10, 2006.


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