The Way to Win

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We promise, we swear, it will not be "all politics all the time" here. But just for today, with the mid-term thumpin' behind us, and the '08 presidential race already coming up like thunder, we're going to peek ahead, with two big analysts, at what it takes to win the White House these days.

Bill Clinton defined one big centrist approach. George Bush and Karl Rove defined another, of working the hardcore, the base. Now Hillary Clinton and John McCain and Barack Obama and Sam Brownback and more have decisions to make. Early decisions about navigating the circus, and secrets of the White House-winning trade that winners share.

We speak with Mark Halperin and John Harris on "the way to win" in '08, and who's got the stuff and strategy.


Mark Halperin, political director for ABC News, co-author of "The Way to Win: Taking the White House in 2008"

This program aired on November 13, 2006.


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