Darfur Crisis Worsens

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The public clamor over genocide in Darfur is almost off the hook now. Church groups and congressmen and college kids and today, again, the UN, are all raising holy hell over the hell unfolding in western Sudan.

Now, even the Holocaust Museum in Washington is bathing its outside walls every night with giant projected images of Darfur slaughter and suffering.

The heat is on in a huge way — but the Darfur rape and killing have not stopped. In fact, they're spreading, and threatening to engulf more of Africa. Why?

Some say because Washington is more interested in co-opting than confronting Sudan. Some say the Iraq intervention is enough already.

This hour On Point: the Darfur crisis goes critical, and so does the uproar.

Quotes from the Show:

"There is no sign the violence is diminishing." Stephanie Hancock

"All the indicators of mortality and illness as a result of displacement are spiking." John Prendergast

"United States has had a deep and significant relationship with the Sudanese government on counterterrorism and intelligence gathering." John Prendergast

"We shouldn't exaggerate the outcry at the [U.S.] national level." Nicholas Kristof

"Fundamentally, the public hasn't held Bush administration's feet to the fire [on Darfur]." Nicholas Kristof

"The cancer of Darfur is spreading southwest." Nicholas Kristof


Stephanie Hancock, BBC correspondent in Chad and Sudan, currently in Chad;
Dr. Solomon Kebede, Country Director for the International Medical Corps, currently in Darfur;
John Prendergast, senior adviser at the International Crisis Group, Washington, DC;
Nicholas Kristof, columnist, New York Times;
John Heffernan, Director, Genocide Prevention Initiative, Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC

This program aired on November 22, 2006.


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