Iraq Study Group Insiders Speak Out

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And now the question: What exactly was it that we, and Washington, and the world heard yesterday when the Baker Commission stood up, tore into US Mideast and war-making policy, and proposed a way out of Iraq?

A too-little-too-late minority report? A shocking public repudiation of a sitting president? A brilliantly subtle political gambit? A best-effort bi-partisan rescue mission?

This one will be argued furiously for weeks. We'll hear that argument this hour, and hear from the commissioners themselves. Former Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor will join us, as will former Clinton Chief of Staff Leon Panetta.

This hour On Point: we go inside the Iraq Study Group and its take on the country's leadership and the war.


Sandra Day O'Connor, retired justice of the United States Supreme Courtm member of the Iraq Study Group

Leon Panetta, served as White House Chief of Staff under President Clinton, represented California's 16th district in The House of Representatives, member of the Iraq Study Group

Michael Hirsch, senior editor at Newsweek

Phebe Marr, advisor to the Iraq Study , author of "The Modern History of Iraq"

This program aired on December 7, 2006.


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