Catherine Hardwicke's Nativity

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Director Catherine Hardwicke made her name in Hollywood with tough, edgy films about teenagers in trouble. In "Lords of Dogtown," she tracked the lonely young souls of California's skateboard culture. In her breakout film "Thirteen," she gave us the harrowing tale of young teenage girls in a world of trouble with drugs and sex and growing up way too fast.

Now, of all things, Catherine Hardwicke's work is on-screen with the comfort and joy story of Mary and Joseph and a baby named Jesus. It's a straight-down-the-middle telling of a beloved story. But watch Mary, the unwed, pregnant teen on her way to Bethlehem.

This hour On Point: we talk with Catherine Hardwicke about her new film, "The Nativity Story."


Catherine Hardwicke, director of "Thirteen," "Lords of Dogtown," and now "The Nativity Story."

This program aired on December 22, 2006.


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