Author Barbara Ehrenreich's "Dancing in the Streets"

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From the dawn of time it appears, when the spirit moved them, humans came out of their caves and thatched huts, cathedrals and Latin Quarters, and danced.

With drums and horns and song. For the heck of it. For God. For fun. And when they did, writes the provocative Barbara Ehrenriech, there was almost always more than just dancing going on. Public celebration — from carnival to Saints Days to rock concert, she says — is a path joy. And to power.

People in the streets are bigger than themselves. More connected. And a challenge to status quo. To hierarchy. It's time to party again, says Ehrenreich.

This hour: power, joy and dancing in the streets, with Barbara Ehrenreich.


Barbara Ehrenreich, her new book is titled "Dancing in the Streets."

Curtis Pierre, founder and director of the Casa Samba School of Afro-Brazilian dance in the Big Easy and assistant parade coordinator for Endymion Coronation at Mardi Gras, one of New Orleans' Largest Carnival Parade Krewe.

Larry Harvey, founder and organizer of the annual Burning Man party and festival in Nevada's Black Rock desert.

Jeanne Fleming , organizer of the annual Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village for the past two decades.

This program aired on January 22, 2007.


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