The Bloodless Revolution

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Here's a news flash: the debate over whether or not to eat meat, to eat the creatures that share the planet with us, did not start in the organic granola aisle of your local health food store.

For centuries and more, those who could eat meat have argued about whether humans should eat meat.

They've argued over Adam and Eve's diet and what the Lord told Noah when he came off the Ark. They've debated religion and environment and philosophy when it came to beefsteak versus beans.

They sailed to India and were amazed at a world of sacred cows. They fought revolutions equating carnivores with tyrants.

This hour On Point: a vegetarian history, and the long battle of meat versus greens.


Tristram Stuart, author of The Bloodless Revolution

Claudio Angelo, Science reporter for Folhao de San Paolo

Charles, Stahler, Co-Director of the Vegetarian Resource Group.

This program aired on February 2, 2007.


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