Iraqis in America

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photoIraqis working and studying in America live with the gnawing fear that their friends and family could be the next victims. They know every cell phone call could bring bad news.

It's an expatriate life of frequent nightmares and frantic emails each time the media reports another bombing.

Iraqis know firsthand the pain and anxiety of living with the uncertainty of war, and yet they can feel powerless over here in the U.S. to help family and friends in need.

No one has a higher stake in the outcome of the war than the four Iraqis living in America we will talk with today.

This hour, On Point: Iraqis in America, their hopes and fears.


Sarmad Ali, Reporter, The Wall Street Journal, and author of the front-page article, "Missing in Baghdad: My Father."Ayub Nuri, an Iraqi reporter and currently a student at the Columbia University School of Journalism

Zeyad Kasim, author of the prominent Baghdad blog "Healing Iraq" and presently a student at the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism

Huda Ahmed, Iraqi journalist and fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This program aired on February 21, 2007.


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