John Edwards

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John Edwards grew up in a Carolina milltown, made a killing as a trial attorney, lost a son, won a US Senate seat, ran for president (and came closer than you might recall in the Democratic primaries), and ran on the '04 White House ticket with John Kerry — all before he was out of his forties.

Now, John Edwards is 53. He's road-tested in presidential campaign politics. And he's back: running for the US presidency, again, in the '08 battle.

If last time he was the Democrat's smiling centrist, this time John Edwards is talking tougher as the fed-up populist. He's fed up with poverty and what he calls the "two Americas," the Iraq war, and saying "get out".


John Edwards, presidential candidate in 2008. He ran for president and was the Democrats vice-presidential nominee in 2004. He served one term in the senate, representing North Carolina

This program aired on February 26, 2007.


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