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Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson is a making a big noise against the Iraq War and President George Bush from the heart of one of the conservative states in America.

Utah is Republican and strongly Mormon. Salt Lake City's mayor is lapsed Mormon and fiery Democrat. Now, from the deep Mountain West, he's calling for an impeachment in Washington and attacking a national "culture of obedience."

Bill O'Reilly calls him a kook. Fans call him a hero.

This hour On Point: a conversation with Salt Lake City's big-talking mayor, Rocky Anderson.

Quotes from the Show:

"I think this president has so badly abused his power, breached his trust in remarkable ways with our Congress, with the American people, has violated so many of our international treaty obligations, our Constitution, our domestic statutory laws, and has been responsible for ordering and condoning heinous human rights violations. We need to draw the line." - Rocky Anderson, (D) Mayor of Salt Lake City.

"If there is ever a time that impeachment would be appropriate, this is certainly the time." - Rocky Anderson, (D) Mayor of Salt Lake City.


Rocky Anderson, (D) Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah

Derek Jensen, reporter for the Salt Lake City Tribune

Dick Wadhams, Colorado State Republican Chairman

This program aired on March 26, 2007.


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