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photoBy guest host Linda Douglass:

President Bush lashed out at the Democrats this week, accusing them of playing politics with funding for the troops. He made stern threats he'll veto any 'unacceptable' bill they send his way.

The British hailed the return home of fifteen marines Iran accused of crossing into its waters, while Nancy Pelosi traveled to Syria and Saudi Arabia on her own peace-making mission.

And on the home front the presidential candidates are pulling in serious money.

This hour On Point: we dig into the news of the week and get behind the headlines with our top analysts.


David Gergen, Director of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. He served as an advisor to four Presidents: Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Clinton.

Ruth Marcus, editorial writer and columnist for the Washington Post

This program aired on April 6, 2007.


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