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All kinds of lines were laid down this week. In Washington, a veto looms after the House and Senate pass Iraq war funding with pullout dates attached. The White House charges "defeatism." Nancy Pelosi says no blank check for endless war.

In South Carolina, the Democrats debate, trying to hold hands and wrestle at the same time. Pat Tillman's family raises a cry. And from out of the shadows comes former CIA director George Tenet to say the Bush team never seriously debated the war with Iraq.

This hour On Point: a hot week in the news with Harold Ford Jr, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Jack Beatty and you.

Harold Ford:
"But to suggest anyone, Democrat or Republican is not pursuing a different strategy in Iraq is foolish. not only foolish but concern is one, the security of the United States."

On the debate: "This is early. I think those that did watch it [the debate] last night have to be encouraged to have the Democrats lead their country."

Kathryn Jean Lopez:
On the debate:
"The one person I think who had a bad night was Bill Richardson because he's the most experienced policy wise. That resume didn't show through in his performance."

Jack Beatty:
"I do want to make one point...the adjective strident applied to Hilary Clinton must be reexamined. [A man who takes a strong stance is forceful but a] woman who makes a point is strident. I want to see that retired in the armory of journalistic cliches."


Harold Ford, former Democratic Congressman from Tennessee, now chair of Democratic Leadership Council

Kathryn Jean Lopez, associate editor at the National Review and editor of the online edition

Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst

This program aired on April 27, 2007.


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