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Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, self-styled "America's Mayor" after the attacks of 9/11, will not be out-gunned on the national toughness front.

At South Carolina's conservative military academy The Citadel over the weekend, Giuliani said he wants to boost the size of the US Army even more than President Bush.

And on that tough talk, Rudy is leading. Leading McCain. Leading Romney. Leading Hillary Clinton in the latest polls on the '08 race for the White House. Can it last?

This hour On Point: a look at the mercurial one-time mayor who would be president, Rudy Giuliani.

Quotes from the Show:

"He talks about terrorism everywhere he goes. His leadership in New York City in the aftermath of 9/11 is the main thing that most Americans know about him, and he knows that, and he's emphasizing that and counting on that being the main thing that carries him into the White House." Michael Finnegan

"I should point out that a lot of Republicans think that he has a very strong record and that they think the great strength of his record is prior to September 11th. ... If you look at a President as someone who should be able to bend an enormous bureaucracy to his will, Giuliani is perhaps the person with the best record to suggest he could do it." Byron York

"It's certainly undeniable that over the years Rudy has been divisive." Ellis Henican

"The thing about Giuliani that he has to watch out for is the atmospherics thing." Byron York

"Rudy is definitely not a social conservative. He does not come from any conservative movement. ... In the debate last week, that was very clear." Jessica Echard


Michael Finnegan, reporter, Los Angeles Times

Ellis Henican, columnist for Newsday, radio host, and Fox News Channel analyst

Byron York, White House correspondent for National Review

Jessica Echard, executive director, Eagle Forum.

This program aired on May 7, 2007.


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