Hillary Clinton

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photoYou've got to hand it to her. Hillary Clinton does not quit. She toughed out the rough end of her husband's presidency, and dived in herself to become a popular and respected US Senator from New York.

Now, she's built a campaign like few others in history - with its huge war chest, big brain trust, relentless organization, and, of course, Bill.

But for all that, the Hillary '08 campaign is no cakewalk. Obama wants to "turn the page." Edwards is leading in Iowa polls. Two big biographies are about to land, and who knows what they'll say. Al Gore is in the wings.

This hour On Point: Hillary Clinton's big campaign for the White House.

"It isn't just wounded soldiers that [she] is good with, when it comes to military matters." Joe Klein

"Her biggest disadvantage is that her name is Clinton." Jill Lawrence

"There may be a shift away from the perception of [a] closely held corporation in Washington." Joe Klein

"We like her but we'd like her to stay in the Senate." Listener from South Carolina

"I'm not sure that people are flocking to her for competency." Jill Lawrence


Patrick Healy, reporter for The New York Times

Jill Lawrence, national political correspodent for USA Today

Joe Klein, columnist for Time magazine, and author of "Politics Lost: How American Democracy Was Trivialized By People Who Think You're Stupid," "The Natural: Bill Clinton's Misunderstood Presidency," and "Primary Colors: A Novel of Politics" (by Anonymous).

This program aired on May 22, 2007.


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