Critiquing America at War

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In defining his War on Terror, President Bush has not been shy about World War II analogies. Today's enemies, he has said, are "successors to Fascists, to Nazis."

But there is at least one big difference. In World War II, Franklin Roosevelt led the country to complete victory over Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan in just three years and nine months.

With Afghanistan and Iraq, George W. Bush is six years in, still fighting, and by no means clearly winning.

Big national security thinkers are asking why. One reason may be America's World War II formula for success has been ignored.

This hour On Point: America's war on terror and war lessons.


Stephen Van Evera, Professor of Political Science at MIT.

Andrew Bacevich, Professor of History and International Relations at Boston University.

This program aired on June 19, 2007.


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