Week in the News43:54

This article is more than 13 years old.

Some weeks the news is hot and flashy and soon gone. Other weeks — the rarer kind — big things happen that we are going to live with for a long, long time. This week was one of those.

In Congress, there was failure to act on an immigration challenge that is felt in every corner of this country. In the Supreme Court, a historic decision on race and American schools came down. At the White House, there was a rejection of wiretapping subpoenas and stark battle lines drawn over executive privilege.

This hour On Point: our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines, with top analysts, Jack Beatty, and you.


William McKenzie, editorial columnist for the Dallas Morning News

Gail Chaddock, Congressional correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor

Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst, senior editor at the Atlantic Monthly

This program aired on June 29, 2007.