No Child Left Behind

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When "No Child Left Behind" became the law of the land for American public schools in 2001, George W. Bush was riding high and the idea of holding schools accountable for student performance won overwhelming bipartisan support in Congress.

Now, after five years of testing and, often, teaching to the test, the whole approach is up for reauthorization.

Critics have their knives out. On the left, they're saying we're educating a generation of test-taking drones. On the right, there is new resistance to federal mandates. In the middle, there is a yearning for accountability AND a rich education.

This hour On Point: accountability time for No Child Left Behind.


Amit Paley, Education Correspondent for the Washington Post

Amy Wilkins, Vice President for Government Affairs at the Education Trust

Susan Ohanian, co-founder of Educator Roundtable, a national movement to end No Child Left Behind.

This program aired on July 19, 2007.


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