Military Wives

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In war time, the story we hear is that of the soldiers on the battlefront, deployment after deployment, coping with debilitating injuries at home.

But behind these stories are the unsung women of the war — the wives who hold the families together while their soldiers are gone. They're left on their own to raise children, navigate financial decisions and make choices for their family.

Now there is the additional challenge of extended deployments, taking soldiers away from home for more than a year. Separation is hard, and the uncertainty of war even harder.

This hour On Point: the voices of military wives and the sacrifices they make.


Dena Ciferri, wife of a platoon sergeant from Fort Bliss serving in Bagdad

Tiffany Wanzer, wife of a soldier serving in Iraq

Kristin Henderson, wife of a military chaplain, journalist, and author of "While They're At War."

This program aired on August 2, 2007.


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