Rudy Giuliani and the South

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Here's the reality of the race for the GOP's '08 presidential nomination. Mitt Romney won the Iowa straw poll but still draws just 13 percent in national polls. McCain is on the ropes. Fred Thompson is still undeclared, and falling. And Rudy Giuliani is way out front.

And the former New York mayor — three times married, anti-gun, pro-gay, pro-choice — is winning support even in the conservative South. That is critical, and remarkable. Giuliani reportedly making inroads with the South's religious right.

This hour On Point: The odd couple. Rudy Giuliani's southern charm.


Peter Boyer, staff writer at the New Yorker

Dr. Richard Land
President of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

Whit Ayers, Republican pollster;
Blease Graham, professor of poltical science at the University of South Carolina

This program aired on August 15, 2007.


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