Going Female

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When Roy Berkowitz-Shelton was 50, he told his wife he was a woman — and probably always had been. Not in any way you could immediately see, but deep inside — a woman in a man's body.

Now, the marriage is effectively over. Roy is "Deborah" — Dr. Deborah Bershel. Her patients are getting used to it. Her children's lives have been changed by their dad's revelation. And she is living a transgendered life.

It's been a hard road to what feels, for this human being, like liberation.

This hour On Point: Dr. Deborah Bershel talks about her transgender journey.


Dr. Deborah Bershel, physician at Davis Square Family Practice and subject of a 2-part Boston Globe Magazine article.

Dr. Norman Spack, Senior Endocrinologist and Co-Founder/Co-Director of Gender Management Services at Children's Hospital Boston.

This program aired on August 21, 2007.


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