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It's been a long time in the wilderness. But the "Made in the USA" label is packing some cachet again. After poison toys from China, job losses, and eco-disaster images of filthy smokestacks abroad, Americans are getting the itch to buy American again: toys, bikes, even t-shirts.

Some never lost the urge. But in the age of WalMart, with aisles packed from Shanghai, it's been tough. Now some American products are looking like the sure thing — even chic.

This hour, On Point: We look again at the "Made in the USA" label, and the new American itch to bring our buying home.Guests:

Jared Bernstein, director of the Living Standards program at the Economic Policy Institute.

Stephanie Sanzone, founder of the website

Alex Williams, style writer for The New York Times.

John Ratzenberger, actor and host of "Made in America" on the Travel Channel.

This program aired on September 13, 2007.


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