"The War" Documentary

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War by war, icon by icon, public television documentarian Ken Burns is putting his trademark video stamp on American history.

With his colossally popular renderings of the Civil War and baseball, Mark Twain and jazz, Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark and more, Burns — often with collaborator Lynn Novick — is shaping our collective memory of what we've been, our sense of what we are.

This time out it's with a massive retelling of World War II. Millions are watching.

This hour, On Point: Ken Burns and co-producer Lynn Novick discuss their latest march on American history - "The War."Guests:

Ken Burns, one of the best known documentary filmmakers in American history. He is co-producer of the new documentary "The War," a 15-hour, seven-part series about World War II airing on PBS.

Lynn Novick, longtime collaborator with Ken Burns and co-director and co-producer of "The War." She began working with Ken Burns in 1989 on the series "The Civil War." She then worked with him on the "Baseball," "Frank Lloyd Wright," and "Jazz."

This program aired on September 27, 2007.


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