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The Falling Dollar

This article is more than 15 years old.
Well, nobody's talking about the almighty dollar anymore. Driven by American debt and deficits, the once-mighty US greenback is now at parity with the once-laughable Canadian dollar for the first time in three decades. It's a pipsqueak next to the Euro.

If the fall is good or bad, it depends on where you stand, and how far the dollar sinks. American travelers abroad are already the new first-world paupers. European visitors here feel rich. Warren Buffet has made a bundle betting against the greenback.

This hour, On Point: the incredible shrinking dollar, and what it's telling us about the USA and the world.Guests:

Peter Coy, economics editor for Business Week.

Catherine Mann, professor of economics at Brandeis University and senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

Roger G. Ibbotson, finance professor at the Yale School of Management.

James Mallon, Canadian expat living in the U.S..

Catherine Butterworth, American expat living in Greece.

This program aired on October 2, 2007.


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