Turkish Turning Point?

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The news from Turkey, even before last week's House committee vote on Armenian genocide: U.S. standing with a key ally since the Cold War is in the cellar. Turks, who feel they stood with the U.S. again and again for decades, now say they see the United States as a major threat.

If this relationship collapses — and a top Turkish general says it's close to that — what will it mean? Just for starters, 74 percent of American air cargo into Iraq goes through Turkey. Seventy-four percent.

This hour, On Point: Yes, it was genocide. But what does it mean if the U.S.-Turkey relationship goes up in flames?Guests:

Scott Peterson, correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor, reporting from Istanbul.

Steven Cook, expert on Turkish politics and U.S. Middle East policy at the Council on Foreign Relations, author of "Ruling But Not Governing: The Military and Political Development in Egypt, Algeria, and Turkey."

F. Stephen Larrabee, expert on European security, NATO, and Turkey at the Rand Corporation.

Rep. Brad Sherman, Democratic Congressman from California, a co-sponsor of the Armenian genocide resolution before the House of Representatives.

This program aired on October 16, 2007.


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