Responding to School Violence

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School shootings and the shadow of youth violence around them are very much in the news these days. In the last decade — from Columbine, to Amish country, to last week's deadly shooting in a Cleveland school and images of an angry Philadelphia teen's shocking arsenal — the headlines have become almost routine.

Gun. School. Mayhem. It's hard for adults to read. But what is it like for kids to see it on the news and fear its possibility in their own school hallways? We've asked them.

This hour, in a special co-production of On Point and Youth Radio: what American kids think about American school violence.


Drew Koncz, clinical social worker and safety coordinator at the Humanities Preparatory Academy, a 180-student progressive high school serving at-risk students.

Jennifer Freed, co-founder of the Academy of Healing Arts, which runs teen after-school and in-school programs that help build self-esteem through dance, writing and leadership training.

Ronald Durkin, Director of safety and security at Parma City School District, which borders Cleveland.

This program aired on October 17, 2007.


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