A Novel of Old Istanbul

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For centuries Istanbul has been one of the great cities of the world and in its Ottoman heyday a bridge between Christendom and Islam: a unique melting pot of Muslims, Greeks, Jews, Armenians, Turks, Russians and more.

In the 1800s, the Ottoman Sultans, whose lavish palaces dominate the city to this day, let their empire slip from their grasp. Into this rich tapestry of winding streets and palace intrigues, the historian and mystery-writer Jason Goodwin introduces Investigator Yashim, a eunuch and private eye to the Sultan.

This hour, On Point: a mystery novel of old Istanbul.Guest:

Jason Goodwin, historian and novelist. His new novel is "The Snake Stone." He is also author of the award-winning history of the Ottoman Empire, "Lords of the Horizons."

This program aired on December 10, 2007.


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