McCain Rising?

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Eight years ago, Arizona Senator and presidential candidate John McCain had it all: the war-hero biography, the rock-ribbed conservative credentials, and, most of all, the Straight Talk Express that charmed independents and the press.

This time, he was poised to be the Republican comeback kid. But his campaign faltered, and he's been an also-ran in a crowded field.

Now, GOP voters are restless, and he hopes their wandering eyes will give him another look, as he lands big endorsements in Iowa and New Hampshire.

This hour, On Point: John McCain's second chance.
-James Hattori


Senator John McCain, Republican candidate for President.

Holly Bailey, White House correspondent for Newsweek.

Ryan Lizza, Washington correspondent for The New Yorker.

David Brooks, syndicated columnist for The New York Times.

Drew Cline, editorial page editor for the New Hampshire Union Leader, which has given its endorsement to John McCain.

This program aired on December 18, 2007.


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