Striking Late-Night Writers on Campaign 08

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Only four days after the first votes, in Iowa, of Election '08, and one day before the New Hampshire primaries, Americans are in the thick of one of the most amazing political seasons in years.

But one thing's been missing: the late-night laughs. Leno and Letterman sneaked back on last week. Tonight, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert return but without their striking writers.

Not to worry. We've got 'em.

This hour, On Point: striking late night humor writers from The Daily Show and Colbert Report, on their battle, the New Hampshire race, and the zingers we're missing without their wit.Guests:

Richard Wolffe, senior White House correspondent for Newsweek, on the campaign trail in New Hampshire.

Laura Krafft, writer for The Colbert Report.

Glenn Eichler, writer for The Colbert Report.

Tim Carvell, writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Scott Stantis, editorial cartoonist for the Birmingham News, he has a syndicated series called "Prickly City."

This program aired on January 7, 2008.


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