Microsoft vs. Google: The Digital Future

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First there was Microsoft, and a colossus made from software for the personal computer. Then those PCs got tied together on the web, and there was Yahoo, a giant hub for e-mail and chat rooms and all the web brought.

Then there was Google, the uber search engine and high-minded master of the Internet universe, with a mountain of web advertising and a vision of Microsoft going the way of the Model T.

Now it's war. Microsoft is trying to gobble up Yahoo for $44 billion dollars and take on Google.

This hour, On Point: search engine wars, and the battle over the digital future.Guests:

Kevin Delaney, reporter for The Wall Street Journal, covers Silicon Valley and the technology sector.

Nicholas Carr, former executive editor of the Harvard Business Review, is author of "The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, From Edison to Google."

Dylan Tweney, senior editor at Wired and

This program aired on February 5, 2008.


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