Jimmy Breslin on the Mob

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Jimmy Breslin is as New York as New York gets. Reporter, famed columnist, newspaper guy, novelist — for decades he's worked the streets of the Big Apple. The pols, the teams, the wise guys.

Now, at 77, Breslin is going deep on the mob, with a lifetime of Mafia reporting and the story of one man — no angel — who took down a pair of dirty cops.

He's got Jimmy "The Clam," Sammy "The Bull," Dostoyevsky in the wings, and a lot to say.

This hour, On Point: New York's Jimmy Breslin — on the city, the world, and his new book "The Good Rat."Guest:

Jimmy Breslin, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York columnist, his new book is "The Good Rat: A True Story."

This program aired on February 15, 2008.


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