"Love and Consequences" in South Central LA (Updated)

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UPDATE, 3/4/08: MARGARET B. JONES REVEALED AS FRAUD.: As reported today in The New York Times, Margaret Seltzer, the author of "Love and Consequences" (under the pseudonym Margaret B. Jones) has admitted that she fabricated the memoir. She was interviewed here on Friday, Feb. 29.

Eight people were hit by gunfire at an LA bus stop this week. Just another bad day in the hood. Witnesses said a young man in a white t-shirt pumped fifteen rounds from a semi-automatic handgun into a crowd, and calmly walked away.

What is that about? Margaret B. Jones may know. She grew up hard in South Central LA, in the middle of Bloods and Crips, guns and gang warfare.

Now she's written a heartbreaking memoir of that childhood, in the gunfire — and the mealtimes and bath times — of one of the toughest neighborhoods on the planet.

This hour, On Point: love and consequences, on the meanest streets of LA.


Margaret B. Jones, author of "Love and Consequences: A Memoir of Hope and Survival."

This program aired on February 29, 2008.


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