The Court and the Second Amendment

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The last time the United States Supreme Court weighed in on the Second Amendment and the Right To Bear Arms, the year was 1939 — and one of the issues was federal regulation of sawed-off shotguns.

Now, almost 70 years after the era of feds chasing gangsters with fedoras and shotguns in violin cases, the 2nd amendment is back on the high court's docket.

Is the right to bear arms an individual right, like the right to free speech? Or a collective right, to muster a militia? Are pistols sacred? Are machine guns? Gun control?

This hour, On Point: the 2nd amendment goes before the court.Guests:

Emily Bazelon, senior editor and legal analyst at Slate.

Saul Cornell, history professor at Ohio State University and director of the Second Amendment Research Center.

Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz, law professor at Georgetown University.

Carl T. Bogus, law professor at Roger Williams University.

This program aired on March 17, 2008.


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