A.J. Liebling's World War II Writings

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Telling the story of war is an art, and a jumble. Today, we see television images of shock and awe, bloody children's slippers, troops at dangerous work, and the sad toll of suicide bombers.

In the heart of the 20th century, it was World War II that gripped the planet. And among its most artful chroniclers was the great A.J. Liebling. He reported from North Africa, from the skies over France, from a landing craft on D-Day.

Now, in another wartime, Liebling's fellow New Yorker Pete Hamill has edited a new collection of his works.

This hour, On Point: Pete Hamill on A.J. Liebling, and the art of telling war.Guests:

Pete Hamill, journalist, novelist, and editor of the Library of America's new volume, "A.J. Liebling: World War II Writings."

Gerhard Weinberg, professor emeritus at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and author of "A World at Arms: A Global History of World War II."

This program aired on March 19, 2008.


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