Protecting Your Investments

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It has been scary times for any American with two cents to invest and no idea where to put it. Stock markets — at home and abroad — way off their highs and who knows where the bottom is. Housing prices collapsing. Headlines full of crisis talk and emergency intervention.

The pros say don't panic, but some days that's hard for a nation nursing IRAs and 401K nest eggs into an uncertain future. We need advice, and this hour we're going to get it.

This hour, On Point: financial advisers speak on how to ride out the economic storm.Guests:

Peter Coy, economics editor at BusinessWeek.

Kate Scott, certified financial planner and principal at Cherry Hill Investment Advisors in Littleton, CO.

Sheryl Garrett, certified financial planner and founder of the Garrett Planning Network in Shawnee Hills, KS.

Christopher Cordaro, certified financial planner and wealth manager at Regent Atlantic Capital in Chatham, NJ.

This program aired on March 25, 2008.


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