The Ballpark and the Ball Game

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Yankee Stadium is coming down this year. It's the last season for the House that Babe Ruth built. First put up in 1923. Got rehabbed in 1976. And now, it's going down.

The site where Knute Rockne said "Win one for the Gipper." (Yes, they played football there, too). Where Joe DiMaggio began his 56-game hitting streak. Where Mickey Mantle and Lou Gehrig made history. Where the pope said Mass, and Joe Louis knocked out Max Schmeling, and Babe Ruth's body lay in state.

This hour, On Point: Yankee Stadium, coming down — and what it means for baseball.Guests:

George Vecsey, sports columnist for The New York Times and author of "Baseball: A History of America's Favorite Game" (2006).

Andrew Zimbalist, a professor of economics at Smith College, he is the author of "The Bottom Line: Observations and Arguments on the Sports Business" (2006).

Philip Bess, professor of architecture at the University of Notre Dame and a stadium design consultant, he worked to help preserve Fenway Park. He's author of "City Baseball Magic: Plain Talk and Uncommon Sense About Cities and Baseball Parks" (1989).

John Swansburg, associate editor at Slate magazine, he's spent five years touring the major league ballparks.

This program aired on April 4, 2008.


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