Spying in the 21st Century

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Frederick Hitz got out of college, taught in Africa for a year, practiced some law, didn't like it. Joined the CIA. Became a spy. Now, decades later, he's hoping other bright young Americans will do the same.

But the world has changed since James Bond was the fantasy and Tom Clancy wrote his tales. It's tougher out there. Hard to slip into Al Qaeda's inner circle. Tough to work with a tarnished U.S. reputation. Still, he says, we've got to try.

This hour, On Point: Why spy — and how to spy now — with the longtime Inspector General of the CIA, Frederick Hitz.Guest:

Frederick P. Hitz, Inspector General for the CIA from 1990-1998 and author of "Why Spy: Espionage in an Age of Uncertainty"

This program aired on April 7, 2008.


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