Fareed Zakaria: The Post-American World

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Global big thinker Fareed Zakaria is out with his latest big book, and the title almost says it all: It's "The Post-American World."

Take a look at the world and it's not hard to see: the world's tallest buildings, biggest airplane, biggest investment fund, biggest movie industry, biggest refinery, biggest casino — heck, the world's biggest ferris wheel --none of them are in the USA anymore.

So, is it all over over for Uncle Sam? Not if we play our cards right, says Zakaria.

This hour, On Point: Fareed Zakaria and the post-American world.Guest:

Fareed Zakaria, columnist and editor of Newsweek International. His new book is "The Post-American World."

This program aired on May 8, 2008.


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