Intervention in Myanmar?

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Two weeks after the worst cyclone in fifty years to hit Asia, the ruling generals in battered Myanmar may be cracking open their door to international aid.

For two weeks — with more than 130,000 dead or missing and millions more clinging to life — the country's ruling junta has let in only a trickle of desperately-needed relief. Which has raised the question: If a government is willing to let its own people suffer and die in disaster, should the world force in relief?

This hour, On Point: Myanmar and the world's responsibility to protect the desperate.Guests:

Chris Johnson, correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor.

Ivo Daalder, senior fellow for foreign policy at the Brookings Institution and former director for European affairs on the National Security Council.

Roger Cohen, editor-at-large and columnist for the International Herald Tribune and author of "Hearts Grown Brutal: Sagas of Sarajevo."

David Mathieson, Burma consultant for Human Rights Watch.

This program aired on May 19, 2008.


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