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Week in the News24:07

This article is more than 12 years old.
If you want to see into the future, what we just had was a week full of glimpses.

Oil, above all, shattering record after record. Airlines now charging by the bag for luggage, and much more change to come.

On the campaign trail, running-mate talk heating up as McCain, Clinton and Obama race for the White House.

In the Mideast, big players talking without the US. In Congress, a Farm Bill and a GI Bill in play. In Myanmar, maybe a green light for international aid.

And Ted Kennedy goes sailing after tough news on brain cancer.

This hour, On Point: we go behind the headlines.Guests:

John Harwood, chief political correspondent for CNBC and a political writer for The New York Times. His new book, co-written with Gerald Seib, is "Pennsylvania Avenue: Profiles in Backroom Power"

Eleanor Clift, contributing editor at Newsweek and author of the weekly "Capitol Letter" column. She's author of "Two Weeks of Life: A Memoir of Love, Death, and Politics"

Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst and senior editor at The Atlantic Monthly

This program aired on May 23, 2008.

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